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Catch-Up Week

Jolie and Waster in the Swamp

Hey it’s Jolie again. This is catch-up week in the contest. Thanks to all of those already here and working hard to find Nara. This week’s feature world is the Quarterz Swamp. It may sound and look intimidating, but it’s really quite beautiful. To encourage you all to give it a try, we’re going to give anyone who logs into the world a thousand points. Yup, just log in and you’ll be in the drawing for the Nook Color. Spend five or more minutes inworld and you’ll be in this week’s gift card drawing. If you’ve already made the points you need to get in this weeks drawing(Joder and Michelle), you don’t have to do anything new to qualify. This week’s prize is a card for $25.00 from your choice of either Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Click the link below to get into the new world.

It’s not looking good for us finding Nara before she has to leave Thursday. We’ll be doing what we can to fill in for Nara at Romanticon, so you all might be on your own for long stretches here on the blog front. The Cook Naked blog will be in place ahead of time and will hopefully post as scheduled. We’ll check that when we can. The drawing can’t be done in advance but we’ll try and get the winner posted in comments from the road. Delivery of the prize will have to wait until Tuesday when we get back. Good Luck in the hunt.

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