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Winter’s Weeds

forest by night

With the cycling season
pines bow under winter’s last snow,
white-haired crones, mourners lined up at the junction.

With the cycling season
ice-studded river dressed in black silk,
flanked by sequined shores, spectral mist infusion.

With the cycling season
gray-scale landscape inked on white canvas
awaits exchange–black crepe for spring pastel profusion.

Daffodil, Beckenham

I’m a greenling when it comes to the fine craft of poetry forms, but this is my crack at writing a kinda, sorta triolet for dVerse Poets and a Friday Flash 55 in one post. The last five words (not necessarily the last five words in the poem) were the hardest.

Image credit:forest by night by gyst on Flickr; Daffodil, Beckenham by dan taylor on Flickr


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