dVerse Dadaism: Do Accept My Apologies

Do Accept My Apologies
bill of complaint,
Air between them,
another question,
misspeaking her name
with dark eyes.
Are you so naive?
She might melt
grave repercussions.
~Nara Malone 
I picked an interesting night to jump back in at dVerse. We’re playing with Dadaist poetry tonight. We’re supposed to cut up a news article and pull the words from a paper bag to write a poem. I didn’t have a newspaper, so I used a page from a lesson on editing. And rebel that I am, cutting up homework wasn’t enough–I only followed some of the rules. It’s okay, I’m pretty sure rule breaking was the point.  If you’re feeling poetically rebellious, or would like to see what the other pots did, hop over to dversepoets.com and join the fun.


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