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Welcome back to another exciting edition of Books Worth Your Bucks.

As August settles in, the only truly comfortable place to be is at the beach. If like me, work demands are making a getaway impossible for you at the moment, grab a copy of Undertow, an anthology of summer beach reads from Troll River Publications.

As each of these stories is a nice length, and a satisfying read in itself, I’ll take you through them one at a time in the remaining weeks of August.
Story number 2, Riptide, by author Rachel De Lune.

The Break by Rachel De Lune
When Victoria Abbott makes the hard journey back to her quaint, seaside hometown in Wales, she’s unprepared for the guilt that claws at her. At the same time, she’s instantly calmed by being on the sands where she spent time as a child. Her self-imposed rules never before gave her a shot at true happiness and she’s not sure if she can face a second chance. But when she walks into Aeron Morgan’s life, all that changes.

Aeron Morgan has all he wants from life. A financially successful business and the house of his dreams sitting on the cliff overlooking Oxwich bay. Until Victoria Abbott walks into sight. Not content with a one night stand, he wants Victoria to accept him and his darkest desires, forcing her to become the woman he knows is under her suit of armor. With her independence on the line Victoria grapples with choosing her dreams over what she’s worked so hard for all her life.

What I Loved

I connected emotionally with the characters, Victoria and Aeron. Definitely the claim “emotionally driven erotic romance” is one that suits this story, and is an essential ingredient of the erotic romances I love.

About Rachel De Lune

Rachel De Lune writes emotionally driven erotic romance. She began scribbling her stories in the pages of a notebook several years ago and never considered it would be the start to the adventure she’s currently on. Today, she’s still scribbling stories of dominance and submission and is thrilled to have her debut, More, out in the world.

Rachel lives in the South West of England and daydreams about shoes – you know the ones with the red soles! lingerie and chocolate. She is a wife and has a beautiful daughter. She finds it particularly funny when she’s scribbling her steamy scenes to the sound track of My Little Pony on the TV. She would love to give up her day job to devote more time to her scribbles.
For every woman who’s ever desired more.

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