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Books Worth Your Bucks: Addicted

AddictedAddicted is not “mommy porn”. Charlotte Stein’s Addicted is a humorous and hot love story. I really hate the meme that erotic romance is a female version of the content the commercial porn industry directs toward men. Nothing wrong with porn or erotica. That’s just not what this is. Calling it such misleads those looking for porn and those looking for a romance. An erotic romance is first and foremost a love story that doesn’t skip over the most intimate and vulnerable element of a romance. While we are most  vulnerable when there is nothing between us and a lover but skin, erotic romance takes that one level deeper. What happens when you ask two imperfect and insecure people to share their secret fantasies with each other? How does that journey through fantasy change who they are and who they become as they fall in love?

Charlotte Stein’s characters are funny and imperfect. They come to the story believing they are rubbish at everything while pretending to the world they are cool, calm and sophisticated. Yet as they gain the courage to reveal a little more of themselves to each other by reenacting the fantasies in Kit’s secret novel, they learn to see themselves through their lover’s eyes. That doesn’t just change who they are as lovers, but who they are as individuals. Yes, they get there via hot, hot, hot sex. When two lovers are willing to risk that level of vulnerability, the love scenes will singe the pages. But let me be clear. The result is not bodice-ripping trash or mommy porn. It’s naked, imperfect, heart-melting love.


Addicted by Charlotte Stein

Kit Connor has always led a safe, cautious life. But when Kit’s friend points out that her erotic writing lacks something, she decides to attend a Sexual Healing group to improve her knowledge.

Kit expects to find the gritty underbelly of sex, and instead finds louche, laidback, sex-loving Dillon Holt.

Dillon makes a suggestion to Kit: that he will tell tales of his sexual excess, and help her book get the realism it needs. She agrees, but hasn’t the least idea of what she’s getting into.

Dillon doesn’t have simple advice in mind … he has lessons to teach her. Lessons on everything she’s never dared to experience, from kink to real passion.

Now Kit is never sure: is Dillon the addict, or is she just addicted to him?

From Charlotte Stein, the author of the bestselling Mischief titles ‘Power Play’, ‘Make Me’ and ‘Deep Desires’.

About Charlotte Stein


Charlotte Stein is the acclaimed author of over thirty short stories, novellas and novels, including the recently DABWAHA nominated Run To You. When not writing deeply emotional and intensely sexy books, she can be found eating jelly turtles, watching terrible sitcoms and occasionally lusting after hunks. She lives in West Yorkshire with her husband and their now totally real and completely nightmarish dog.

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