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    His Hands

    everything’s in your hands on Flickr – Photo Sharing! If his hands were a place, they’d be the Badlands — wild, rugged, harsh, scarred, demanding. Those callouses scraping lightly over my breasts, the sandpaper drag of those fingers along my thigh, bring shivers. But there are times when the soft flick of his fingers, rapid as the beat of hummingbird wings, send me to heaven. Click though to see what other Friday Flash 55 participants wrote. All commenters are automatically entered in the drawing for a flash drive e-library. Good luck and happy e-reading.

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    Friday Flash 55: Black Fruit

    Flickr Photo Download: Black and White Blueberries Your seeds are the germ of desirestoo dark to share, and so they’re left on ice:never to blossom, go to fruit, go back to seed. The seeds are locked away in a vault,in an icebound cave,and there they will stay. It’s a shame.You could have sown those fantasiesin me. This is an old project I rewrote as flash fiction for G-man’s Friday Flash 55. He’s got a great flash this week and so do his other contributors. Drop by for more great reading.

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    Flickr Photo Download: Lonely Spotlighting I like keeping my secrets, tucking my thoughts away. It is so easy with you, keeping my shades drawn.I can listen, ask, and never tell. But then in a moment, a brief glance up, I’m captive. Your eyes search every shadow, every secret. I freeze, hypnotized, until you look down and set me free. You’ll find other contributions to the Friday 55 on G-Man’s blogHe has a great tribute posted this week. Drop by for a look.