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    Size Matters #EroticAuthorsTweet

    nara_malone: UPS guy can’t find me. 🙁 brandi_evans:  Oh sorry…I redirected him to my house. Did I forget to mention that? 😉 nara_malone: Called him, guiding him in #nicetry tibbyarmstrong:  *snicker* #juvenilehumor nara_malone: Wow. It’s really big!!! brandi_evans: Man, my mind just went straight to gutter. 😉 nara_malone: size does matter… brandi_evans: LMAO!! True that!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I had to shorten the tweets to get them to fit, but I think I got all the pertinent details in. 🙂 Thanks to authors Brandi Evans and Tibby Armstrong for their contributions. Follow them on twitter for more sizzling conversations. This post was written as a contribution to G-mans Friday Flash 55. See…

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    Friday 55: Ashes #flashfiction

    Heart Aflame by BozDoz on Flickr photo sharing “Focus,” he said, tugging the rope. But how? Her mind ran in circles, this way and that, yapping like a little dog. He layered pleasure and pain, smothering thoughts with an escalating craving for Him, consuming her in flames, until nothing remained but a soft floating feeling – ashes of who she had been, landing. This post is in response to G-Man’s Friday Flash 55. Participants tell a story in 55 words. See what other participants wrote here.

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    What do you love about Your life?

    All available sizes | Love my Dog | Flickr – Photo Sharing! “What do you love about your life?” Betty was still fuming over Rowan’s question. Who could toss out an answer to a question like that? The diner waitress: “The quirky people I meet here” Betty’s doctor: “Watering my garden in the evening.” The mail-carrier: “The 53 Ford I’m restoring.” So, what do you love? ~~ This post is part of G-man’s Friday Flash 55. See what other participants wrote here. If you’re wondering if this is really fiction, yes —  a bit of backstory and some research(last line) for the Spirit Walker’s Adventure Game I’m working on with…