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When winning a “Madness” Competition is a good thing

My posting here on the blog trickled to almost nothing when my Dad died a few months ago. I had no energy for anything and started to wonder if I’d ever find my words again. When words did start to trickle from my pen, they were so dark that I joked to my sister that if the family saw what I was writing they’d have me committed.

I wrote my way out of the blues, eventually, and the project that played a big part in helping me get there  won the poetry portion of eMuse’s Summer Madness Contest:

We received a number of fantastic submissions. As I read through them I found it difficult to choose winners in each category. I wished on more than one occasion that I had more than three copies of the book to give away, but alas, our budget is only so wide, and three copies are all we have.The winners are as follows:
Art: Christie Lindauer·
Fiction: Drew Beatty·
Poetry: Nara Malone

The winning pieces will be published in the September edition of eMuse, so tune in next issue to see the amazing contributions we received.
eMuse Summer Madness

Congratulations to the other winners!

A friend said last night, “I bet your Dad would be proud.” I think she’s right.


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