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    Hot Hookers -Last day

    Flickr Photo Download: hooker on colfax Hooks are my weakness so I’ve been working to make them a strength. I entered Loose Id’s Hot Hooks contest and I made the top twenty. Now I need some help. ***Edit (I got my dates wrong. Thursday, Oct. 29th is the last day to vote)Today is the last day readers can vote for the best hooks. If you have a minute and  like mine, please vote for it. If you think it needs work, let me know where I need to tweak it. You can access the ballot from the front page of the site: http://www.loose-id.com/  Scroll Down and click the Hot Hooks…

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    Hot Hooker

    Flickr Photo Download: alot like LOVE. My story, The Dungeon Gourmet, was selected as one of the  twenty finalists in Loose Id’s Hot Hooks contest. So I guess that makes me a Hot Hooker. Anyway, the blurb and first 200 words of the story will be up on the Loose-Id website for voting, October 26-29. If my story scores in the top ten, I go on to the next round. I’ll post more details on the contest as I get them.