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    Tell Me No

      Warning!!! Naughty thoughts ahead. If you don’t like sex in your 55, don’t continue. No is a wet word You deliver it dry harshYou say don’t darecuz You know I‘ll dare And thenI’ll be badin troublepretend repentant Say itBut make it drip dangerMake me badthenPunish me Make mesay sorryWrite it100 timesin sticky trailsacross satin sheets ~Nara This post written as a contribution to G-Man’s Friday Flash 55. Drop by and see what others wrote.

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    The Dungeon Gourmet dubbed “deep and touching”

    I found a link to a lovely review for The Dungeon Gourmet in my email. This was different kind of story, about a different kind of love, and two people who found themselves — like many lovers these days — trying to maintain a long distance relationship. That storyline introduced some obstacles, not only for the characters, but for me as a writer. I had to find some new ways to tell my story. I felt like a cook serving up an untested recipe to a room full of guests. I’m so pleased Mistletoe over at Whipped Cream, enjoyed the meal. There’s an excerpt below and a link to the…

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    The Arches Glasgow on Flickr – Photo Sharing! Corporations are a virtuality, that is, they exist, somewhere on the scale between the real and the virtual. If you’ve ever tried to get past a robotic phone system to solve a problem, you know it’s not possible to have a conversation with one. Like vampires, they are made from human parts, but have superhuman powers. They are born and they die, but you can’t shoot one. Once they have their teeth in your life, it’s hard to tear free. Sarai chewed her lip and considered the closing of her paper. Maybe it was theghost of Bond’s tongue between her legs, but…