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Thirteen Things about Cooking

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1. Some people take cooking to the level of art.
2. I’m not one of those people
3. My dog comes running when the smoke detector goes off. He thinks it is the dinner bell.
4. The cats hide when the smoke detector goes off. They are smarter than the dog.
5. When family comes to visit, they insist on taking me out to dinner.
6. When I visit other people and offer to help in the kitchen, they have me set the table.
7. A fire truck cruises by my house around dinner time — just in case.
8. Some people are tone deaf and can’t sing. I think there must be some essential physical connection to good cooking that I lack. Is there a bad cooking gene?
9. When I take something to a bake sale it never makes it out to the table.
10. Even when I buy a pie and wrap it up to make it look like I baked it, no one will eat it.
11. I love men who can cook.
12. I wonder if it is possible to train the dog to cook.
13. Master Bond, the main character in my new novel, The Dungeon Gourmet, turned up in my head the day after a particularly stressful Thanksgiving.

Are you a good cook or do you lack the cooking gene?
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