Kiss No. 2


She loves those first moments after a catch,
when the air is incensed,
tastes of desire.
She’s caught in the twin spotlights
of his perusal,
time frozen but for skidding hearts,
the trickle of sweat down necks,
the rise and fall of breath coming in soft pants.

Chase was given and taken,
but the taking’s not done.
A damp promise,
fragrant with passion’s spice,
invites him to strip away the last layer,
spread his feast on lush meadow grass.

But he waits for it
letting the moment draw out,
anticipating an age old sign:
a lift of chin,
a tilt of head exposing a slender neck,
the soft flutter of lashes lowering.
A silent surrender of prey to hunter.

by Jolie a character from Snatch Me by Nara Malone

This character blog was written in response to this week’s Three Word Wednesday Prompt. See what other participants wrote and learn how you can join in here.


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