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Yarny Gets a Rescue!

About a week or so ago I had a message in email that Yarny was closing down. Last night I got another message that Yarny had been rescued and would now be hosted on servers at Cook Center for Entrepenuership

This is important because we use Yarny on our Inworld Laptops. In fact it is the only thing I know of now that lets me write for free from any device I have. In addition, Yarny is like a cloud version of Scrivner which is a favorite tool for novelists.

I admit the number of writers who write their tales on pixel laptops and need a word processor that allows for that is not massive. I think that is simply because most people don’t know how or why to do it. I make the “how” easy by giving away virtual laptops for free in Opensim. You can find one in the cafe at region Greyville at The cafe is directly across from the landing point. If you don’t know what a virtual world is or how to get there, you’ll find that info here.

 I like writing in virtual reality because as a new story is taking shape in my mind I go inworld and build a setting and characters. Then I can sit inside the dream and write. When I opened Yarny this morning the page that I last worked on was about writing in Yarny:

“There’s magic getting lost in a story, or a poem. Once you are inworld the words sort themselves out.

When I can see myself typing the compulsion to get some real words on the page is irresistible.

When the sun is just high enough that we can get about the yard without falling in holes or tripping over roots, the dog comes for me. Nudging my laptop, he pushes his head into my lap and pleads with those big dark eyes.It works every time. “

We’re at that point of the day now, where the light is good and the woods are calling. I’m sitting in the cafe finishing this post. In real life the dog has his head parked in my lap and I am as anxious to get going as he is.

I’m glad to see Yarny has been rescued. You can grab a laptop at the cafe (Don’t get one with a blue screen as those aren’t web enabled) or go to to make an account and write from your web browser. I’m sure this will come in handy for Nano. Happy writing 🙂