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Where Do You Greyville?

The Greyville Storytellers are a community of authors, coders, musicians, photographers, and artists who have been getting together since 2013 to share storytelling craft and participate in joint projects like Immersive Edge. Recently we switched our Monday meetups to 5 PM ET (2 PM Grid Time) and moved the meeting from Greyville Region in Nara’s Nook grid to our Web Version of Greyville.

When we were planning the app that would allow us move our community from virtual world to the web browser, we envisioned something that will allow multiple users to share the experience across multiple devices. We didn’t foresee the variety of devices our users might employ to join us.

woman in hammock with tablet
At the beach?
Go old school?


Greyville on old TV
In B&W?
With friends?














User screenshots indicate the diversity of users is as broad as the diversity of devices they’ve tested…









And frankly, some of these fan pics test believability. But hey, there’s pics so it must have happened…

Besides, all of this is more believable than what I see on the evening news or read in the paper these days.

So I hope you all will continue testing our environment and sharing your suggestions and pictures of how you Greyville. Join us this evening for a chat about all things storytelling. 

New members are welcome and encouraged to drop in anytime.