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    Broken Reason

    When fantasies jackknife your to-do listsand longing for the aural caress of a lover’s sightrumps need for solitude, I’ll be your reason. When you’re on your knees,armor of business suit and spreadsheets shreddedby black satin sheets and scent of wild roses, I’ll be your reason. When your carefully mapped journey past temptation gets detouredby a kiss-licked trail headed south to curl your toes, making you forget all the reasons to say no, I’ll be the reason that un-breaks your heart. ~Nara Malone This is my contribution for Open Link Night at dVersePoets. Drop by this evening to join the fun or to read what others wrote.

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    The Sound of Silence

    I pluck a string. Low E.Baby girl on floor goes still.Rosebud lips round to a silent O. Low reverberation, ripples up and down my spinein male baritones. High E.Soft block slips from chubby hands.Eyelids flutter. We watch.The room fills with fireflies.Blink. Blink. Blink. A high trill, like  crystal notes from a water-glass xylophone,signals her joy. We watch.Fireflies shift intoa rainbow of electric butterflies. Baby trills a chord: eeee aaa ddd.We drink in harmony,effervescent fizzies tickling tummies. She makes the sign for more.My fingers dance over strings.Colors pop like fireworks and I laugh for her. ~Nara Maloneimage credit: blurred christmas lights by Dominick on Flickr It’s possible not everyone sees the…

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    Lover’s DIY Photoelectric Coloring Book

    Materials: Light Emitting Source–this would be me, cuz that magic you do with your fingers gets me glowing. Metal Rod–this would be you, cuz I have an alchemical tongue-twisting technique for turning your rod to steel. Applicable Theory: When the source luminance exceeds the threshold frequency of the receiving pole, said conductor will emit, eject, discharge light. Source and conductor thus form a wave particle-duality filling intimate space with electric primaries of blue, pink, and green. Procedure: 1) Commence amplifying glow and transmuting flesh to steel. 2) Position source directly over receiving conductor. 3) Direct manipulation of electric contact amplifies effect. 4) Alteration in amplitude and wavelength induces emission changes…