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    La Bête Noir

    His pre-timed growl my alarm clock hauling me by my hair to pay justifiable homage fragrant musk curls steamy promises making my veins twitch for ribbed handle grip like a junkie anticipating needle’s prick deep-throated scalding splash guzzling ecstasy lapping  last drop quivering on  rim leaves me hyped begging for another cup of Joe ~Nara Malone *Interesting factoid of the week.The video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas included an inaccessible minigame later dubbed the Hot Coffee mod. I don’t know why that’s important. I may have overdone the coffee this morn. Weighing in at a trim 55 words this post is part of this week’s Friday Flash 55 and…

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    Thursday Tales: Shadow Journey (via Passionate Reads)

    Sometimes love digs into our shadows. This flash threesome is a peek into the shadowy side of love. If you're not 18 or such subjects make you uncomfortable, please don't read further. Shadow Journey 1. The Call to Adventure "I won’t submit like some sheep," she said with pride. "I'm not a mindless woman who can't find my way. Anyone can lead sheep. I bow only to someone with the wisdom to lead me." "And what if you're consumed? What if love turns you meek as a lamb and bends your ne … Read More via Passionate Reads

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    Afterglow and the Creative Storm (via Passionate Reads)

    I’ve been caught in a creative storm and I hoping to find the Afterglow any day now. At the heart of all the beforeThe after When she rests curled against his hipor kneels at his feet head in his lap After whip-like lightning strikes After torrential tears After the thunder and clash of bodiesleave her renewed and fresh as rain-washed grass He brushes her hairdraws a finger over a newly bloomed bruise along a razor-thin welt and she thanks him By Nara Malone ~~~ I've been juggling three projects this month: The video game, Sp … Read More via Passionate Reads