You’re getting in the first world!

You all are awesome. I’ve seen on the admin log that players are getting into the first world and searching for Nara. I even had a question from a player about how you pry a secret from a bunny, so I think someone may have found something.

This is fabulous. I know we’re asking a lot of people who are not familiar with virtual worlds to take the plunge. It can sound intimidating but the Kitely crew has done an excellent job of making virtual space accessible to average users.

It’s great to see so many of you taking the challenge. I may have the winner for first in a virtual world points. I’m waiting for a confirmation from the player.

As always I’m available to answer any questions. Feel free to email me if something has you baffled, or even if you just want to say hey: snatchme.jolie on gmail.com

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