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Opensim on the Web for Storytelling

Selkie Island Scene

This is a gif from a scene I made back in May. What I want to do is build a scene that introduces a scene from The Selkie’s Tale novel I wrote. This one would be a mini hunt for a selkie’s pelt, because when you have the selkie’s skin, you own the selkie.

I had managed to get the basic scene converted to mesh, add an avatar and the horse. I got the character moving forward and backward and had the animation controller running on the horse. All very buggy and a bald avatar. I even put up a webGL version from what I had made. My goal was to get as far as I could on my own and then ask for help.

Neothar Cortex helped me get things working better today. It took us awhile but we’ve got a webGL version up that can be used on a tablet by opening in Firefox.

Then he exported a version that can be downloaded to play on Windows desktop. This is just setting and characters. The horse was not animated yet in the uploaded version.

Still to be done:

Get the horse waypoints and animations done properly.
Add some interactive text story/quest components that play as the character walks through the scene.
Add a graphical arrow controller so tablet users can navigate
Add sounds

Scene from desktop version
Screenshot from iPad

This takes a long, long time to load on iPad and I used Firefox.

Go straight to web version in your browser from here.Use your arrow keys to navigate through the scene. The character starts in run mode so hold down the shift key if you want to walk.

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