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Books Worth Your Bucks: A Virtual Romance

Blow_Me_DownThis week I thought I’d review a virtual world romance since they are so rare and hard to fine. This offering is from back in 2005. I don’t know when the author did her research or where, but the blurb reminded me of one of my favorite pirate sims in Second Life, Barbary Coast, so I picked up a copy.  If you’re a virtual world adventurer don’t expect this story to be about current technology. It’s more about future tech, like the projects underway to create VR headsets. I enjoyed that the characters do get into the whole start a business build a virtual economy and earn a virtual living.  But beyond that I loved the romance and the interaction of the main characters getting to know each other first as avatars in another dimension and then as humans.

Blow Me Down by Katie MacAlister

This Game Girl has wreaked havoc on the high seas—but the tide is about to turn…

In the Internet virtual reality game Buckling Swashes, Earless Erika and Black Corbin are two of the most deadly pirates to sail the online seas. And now they’ve met their matches: each other.

But fearless Earless Erika is really just Amy—a financial analyst with little time in her life for anything but work. And Corbin is none other than the man behind the game—the programmer and owner of the company. He’s intrigued by Amy, the only buccaneer to best him in this test of digital testosterone, while she just wants to take his arrogance down a peg. But soon the two find themselves comrades in arms against a merciless rival bent on Corbin’s destruction—both on the virtual high seas and in real life. Only by setting aside their differences can they locate the actual people behind the swaggering swashbucklers—and along the way find that love can tame even the most fearsome of pirates.

Shiver me timbers…

About Katie MacAlister
Katie MacAlister is a Seattle-area author of fiction and non-fiction. Her most popular titles are historical, contemporary, and paranormal romance.

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