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    Photo by Tomorrow Never Knows on Flickr photosharing Morning brings two choicesRunNot runOpening the front door, a wall of heat bumps my faceSteals my breath, like opening the oven door to check a cakeI inhale the scent of parched grass and baking leavesI ponder that pain in my hip, the throb in my big toeAt my feet the dog pants, wags his whole body, spins in circlesHe doesn’t need a choiceMight as well ask him if he wishes to breathe The workday brings two choicesWritePretend I will get to it in a minuteOpening the word processor is a beatingDoubts slap my faceFears knuckle my stomachOn a shelf is a fat,…

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    Friday Flash 55: Dumped

    Photo licensed through Creative Commons by Sean Dreilinger on Flickr photo sharing. At his age the sight of me in shorts shouldn’t get him so excited.He licks my knees.“No way.”He licks my toes.“It’s too early.”His eyes adore me.I get my running shoes.I’m dumped at the front gate for the first big-eyed doe to flick her tail at him. This post is part of G-Mans Friday Flash 55. Drop by to see what other participants wrote.

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    Four Miles to Enlightenment

    It wasn’t something I planned out, or had even mentally committed myself to. I had clipped a notice from the paper about a women’s running program that promised to teach non-athletes to run four miles — and love it — by the end of the summer. Now I was never the athletic type. When we ran laps in gym class, I wasn’t just at the back of the group, they could lap me once or twice. I never found a sport I was good at. So, I didn’t launch into running with the idea that I would win races. Quite the opposite, I started running as an anti-perfectionism project. Becoming…