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Tiger’s Tale Love

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First, a big thank you to all the wonderful readers buying The Tiger’s Tale. I took some risks and I know, I know, I didn’t follow all the rules. I bent a bunch and outright broke a couple, but I wanted to see if I could tell my story in a different way, tell it in the way this story begs to be told. Thanks to so many of you for supporting my bending “the rules”. And because so many have asked, yes there is more. The Mesmerist’s Tale (formerly known as Mind Games — won HM in the Southern Heat Competition) will be the next installment. The Tiger’s Tale is the story of Adam, Marie, and Ean and the focus was on them, but there is another story, a larger story unfolding — inside each novel in the series and outside.  Keep an eye out.

And second, I want to thank Shannon at The Romance Studio and Lisa at Joyfully Reviewed, for reading and reviewing my novel.

The Romance Studio

Ms. Malone has created an intriguing and imaginative plot that is filled with clever twists that will have the fans of shifter stories riveted from the very start. Readers will literally be sitting on the edge of their seats not only with the mounting tension but also by the action as it unfolds detail by detail throughout the pages for a stunning conclusion, almost as if by putting each piece of the puzzle together creates an enchanting picture. By skillfully blending suspense and multifaceted characters in an unparallel world, Ms. Malone seems to make everything come alive to further captivate the reader.Readers will be drawn to the well-defined characters.

Adam, Ean and Marie are far from conventional heroes and heroine. Instead, they’re complex, endearing, heartbreaking and tenacious.

The Tiger’s Tale

Joyfully Reviewed

The Tiger’s Tale offers up a story of primal passions and animal magnetism. Three strong, independent characters take turns being front and center as The Tiger’s Tale progresses. High drama, magic, erotica and so much more is found in this fast paced paranormal romance.

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