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    Turning Tide

     ..   Surf’s almost up SugarLet’s catch these last curlsToes to nose Schwack-pumping juicy wavesTubed in tandemBanging the backside of life Carve-ripping the cavesInto acid-drop nose divesNo worries for the future Let’s cruise it ’til we lose itGet hell-munchedPeeled and shredded, until… Nothing matters but usGoing frothyTwo rag dolls pasted to the shore ~~Nara Malone This was originally written for Sunday Scribblings and then later tweaked because the theme that day just didn’t quite fit where I wanted this to go. Tonight I’m sharing with dVerse Poets Pub. Go here to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.

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    What do you love about Your life?

    All available sizes | Love my Dog | Flickr – Photo Sharing! “What do you love about your life?” Betty was still fuming over Rowan’s question. Who could toss out an answer to a question like that? The diner waitress: “The quirky people I meet here” Betty’s doctor: “Watering my garden in the evening.” The mail-carrier: “The 53 Ford I’m restoring.” So, what do you love? ~~ This post is part of G-man’s Friday Flash 55. See what other participants wrote here. If you’re wondering if this is really fiction, yes —  a bit of backstory and some research(last line) for the Spirit Walker’s Adventure Game I’m working on with…

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    Yesterday’s Child and Tomorrow’s Child

    Flickr Photo Download: babyboy Yesterday’s child left at the end of February a year ago.The first snow in a decade marked his passing.He didn’t go quietly into the night.He clung to his frail body with tenacity.He savored each of his 90 yearsHe amazed the doctors again and again,Fighting back from death’s edgeFor another year, another month, another day–Each time they said he couldn’t.When they gave up predicting, he left. Tomorrow’s child came at the start of February this year.The worst snow in decades marked his arrival.He came quietly to life, smiled like he was greeting an old friend.He’s impatient to get about the business of living,Clinging to wakefulness for hours…